30 Nov 2014

Soul Tellers recordings 2014 and 2015

 Picture of Mr Soul Teller after his recording in Paris. Miguel Julian hasn't stopped touring since he started back in 1989 and he told us how he wanted to do so, "...some time off the road to work for other artists, composing and producing, well, and right after a good session...a good meal my oh my.... Enjoy Mr Soul Teller.
Europa Press source December 2014

1 Jun 2014


Watch and listen to this new version of the classic sung by Otis Redding and now with Carla Thomas on the same track remixed by M.A. Julian and Dj Mix-ty-soul, just for fun. NOBODY'S DONE IT BEFORE Enjoy it !! 

17 May 2014

Soul Tellers - 25th Anniversary - year 2014

Dear Soul Friends, although Soul Tellers are off the stage for a while their leader M.A Julian
is  writing and recording new material. Now he is teaming up with Dj Freddy Melendez
and this project is: MIX-TY-SOUL

listen to SOUL TELLER  anniversary remix 2014 by Mix-ty-Soul: 


Queridos Soul-friends, aunque Soul Tellers están tomándose un merecido tiempo de descanso su
líder Miguel A. Julián está preparando nuevo material, además sigue también inmerso en otros proyectos componiendo, produciendo y remezclando junto a su inseparable amigo y productor Kike Eizaguirre para Freddy Meléndez un poderoso Dj con supersoul melodies que dará mucho que hablar.

watch their new brand new video:

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